The University Club - Your Borrowed Dream Home

"It feels like home to me, only much grander!"

That’s an unsolicited description from a member of the University Club, one of Commonwealth Companies’ athletic and recreational clubs.

Do you have a space like this in your life?

This particular member uses the Club as a go-to space for hosting family gatherings, professional events, intimate meetings, and grand celebrations.

Her description got us thinking. So many of us would love to host more events in our home. And yet, logistics stand in the way. Maybe it’s a lack of open space. Perhaps it’s the presence of (beloved, yet noisy/messy) of children or pets. Maybe the ambiance doesn’t quite project the vibe that you need, be it professional, elegant, or festive.

Or maybe, quite frankly, the idea of pre-and post-event cooking, shopping, cleaning and organization makes you want to hide in your broom closet.

There’s always something.

Thus, we end up with a dilemma:

a) Host the events at home anyway, trying to fit a square peg in a round hole and inviting as many headaches as guests, or

b) Opting to conduct your meeting in a coffee shop or host your holiday dinner at a restaurant and cross your fingers that the menu, noise level, and space will suffice.

But, of course, as this member pointed out, there’s another option. Home. But grander. It’s like borrowing your dream home for a day, complete with people to cook and clean and manage logistics. Your borrowed dream home, as it happens, has a pool. And a bar. And a view. And whatever else you need.

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