How to Network

You’ve heard it before:

To get ahead in life, it’s all about whom you know.

A good network is incredibly potent. And it’s not simply the size of your network—quality beats quantity, every time.

What counts as a high-quality network?

It’s having connections and relationships with people who help you live the best possible version of yourself. And don’t think it’s all about asking for favors. Sure, a good network includes people who can help you discover and capitalize on opportunities—or introduce you to someone who can—but it’s more than that.

A good network includes people who will push you, inspire you, and help you feel a sense of belonging. And a good network will also give you opportunities to push and inspire others.

For many people, “networking” induces shudders. Many of us relegate networking to the realm of active job seekers. We think that’s very myopic. We encourage everyone to constantly evaluate, evolve, and invest in their networks.

When you have a high-quality network, you don’t need to wait until you’re desperate for an opportunity. You’ll be constantly paving the way for opportunities—and also authentic relationships and support.

How do you improve your network? Find your people. Meet them where they are. Start spending time in spaces that facilitate connections. (Psst—your couch is great, but your network isn’t there.)

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