The Timelessness Of W.A. Frost

When you’ve successfully operated the same thriving restaurant for more than forty years, you have the unique opportunity to witness myriad wine and food trends come and go.

We’ve also watched a lot of restaurant trends come and go.

At W.A. Frost, it’s not in our wheelhouse to aim for trendiness. Instead, we opt for timeless. We’ve found a recipe (pun intended) that works: excellent food and service in an unbeatable setting with built-in ambiance and character. Consistent, durable popularity seems to be a byproduct of nailing these fundamentals.

Of course, evolution is par for the course over four decades. We’re classic but not stodgy. We’re constantly searching for the best wines, the best ingredients, the best recipes, and the friendliest faces to serve them all.

It’s refreshing to not have to compete with every flash-in-the-pan trend that comes along. No, we will not be serving you deconstructed Twinkies on a garden trowel. If that’s what you seek, you’ll be able to find it somewhere. (This week, that is. Until something else becomes hip next week.)

This immunity to bandwagons permits us to follow other sources of inspiration, such as which ingredients are the freshest in any given season, or which vintages of a certain wine are tasting exceptionally at the moment.

While we may not court novelty in the sense of trend bandwagons, our longevity is, in itself, novel. Statistics vary depending on the research, but it is said that up to 90% of restaurants fold within the first year, and of those that make it past that initial test, five years is an expected average run.

What does it say about us when we have people meeting on dates whose parents also met here for dates?

We have loyal patrons who have been dining with us since the beginning, and every experience is just different enough to be memorable—while still delivering on the same basic promises of quality and service that make us a trusted go-to for celebrations big and small.

Feel free to try the trowel Twinkies. We’re not offended. We’ll still be here.

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