Are You a Regular?

Even if you’ve never watched the show, you can probably sing a long to part of the Cheers theme song: Where everybody knows your name; and they’re always glad you came.

It’s an ode to being a regular somewhere.

Where can you go where everyone knows your name?

Where can you go where they know your favorite bite to eat, or your favorite drink—how you take it?

Where can you go where you know you’ll see friendly faces who are always game for a chat—but who’ll also be able to tell when you need a quiet moment to work or reflect?

In previous generations, it was common to be a regular somewhere. Things changed. Social and recreational clubs went the way of top hats and pocket watches. Restaurants and bars became flashes in the pan, closing before anyone could get used to the menu. And we all began to recede behind our screens, favoring electronic communication.

If anything, this shift has made “being a regular” feel even more special. These days, it’s a novelty to find yourself in a social environment with likeminded people, especially when it also includes staff who know who you are and actually care.

Where are you a regular?

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