Why the Venue is Arguably Your Most Important Wedding Decision

In the case of most engagements, the ring is barely on the finger before the questions start flying:

When is the wedding?
Where are you having it?
What is the theme/color/mascot?

Okay, we’re kidding about the mascot thing. (We think.) But it’s true that the questions — and decisions — come fast and furious.

And unless a bride and groom are planning a particularly lengthy engagement, there’s a reason why the pressure sets in quickly: top venues and vendors fill up quickly.

Aside from whom you marry, the venue is arguably the most important decision involved in a wedding. It plays a critical role in determining the ambiance and size of your wedding. Do you want your wedding to be five people on a mountaintop? Or 300 in an elegant ballroom?

We think the best venue is one that comes with the ambiance already imbued in the space. Too many brides and grooms attempt to save money by booking a bland, generic space and then wind up blowing their budgets trying to mask the blandness and turn it into something special.

You simply can’t force a good view, good ceiling height, architectural details, historic charm, or good flow into a space. It’s either there, or it’s not. And if your chosen space has the look you want, you have to do very little to it in order to make it everything you dreamed of.

The other thing to consider: service. An abandoned warehouse might sound like a cool, unexpected choice, until you realize that you somehow have to serve a good meal and cold drinks. And, you know, make it an actual party. (Details, details.) Unless you’re an ultimate DIY-er with nerves of steel, make sure to choose a space that comes with support in the form of coordination, catering, bartending, and great vendor relationships.

As a bride or groom, you’ll have enough on your plate dealing with guest lists, seating arrangements — cousin Ricky still won’t sit next to Aunt June — and plenty of other prenuptial shenanigans. Make it easy on yourself by picking a venue that will let you breathe easier. (And take your breath away.)

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