How Do You Go About Making a Change?

Sometimes, your social life needs a boost.

Perhaps you’ve moved to a new place.

Perhaps you’re getting out of a relationship or want to get into a new one.

Perhaps you’ve decided that your social network is toxic or not conducive to the lifestyle you want to lead.

Or maybe you just want to meet some new, interesting people and get out more.

How do you go about making a change?

You could smile at strangers in coffee shops and hope they take it as an opening for conversation as opposed to a moderately creepy invasion of their personal bubble.

You could up your effort at water cooler chat at work, hoping to morph professional acquaintances into confidants. (No risk of fallout there, right?)

You could try an app.

Or you could take deliberate steps to put yourself in a warm environment with likeminded people and promising social prospects.

If it weren’t clear, our vote is for the last option. Remember how you used to make friends at school? It happened organically, because you were in the same place at the same time, taking part in the same activities. Imagine replicating a similar scenario—but remove all the adolescent angst, and instead of AP Physics, the activities you’re participating in are voluntary and enjoyable. (No offense intended to Physics. We think Schrödinger is a hoot.)

Places like that exist. We happen to know a couple of them. And in between meeting new people, you can get work done, get a workout in, take a class, sip a cocktail, read a book, grab a bite to eat, or even form a club of fellow physics fans. We can’t wait to meet you.

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