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What’s Stopping You From Exercising Regularly?

We’re hoping we didn’t hit a nerve there. Actually, on second thought, we’re kind of hoping we did. Not in an offensive way, but rather in a gentle, nudging, thought-provoking way.

You intend to work out consistently. You know it makes you feel better, stronger, more alive, more vibrant. You know it gives you more energy. You know it lets you eat the extra piece of cake. You know it improves the way your clothes fit. You know it’ll help you live longer and avoid a slew of diseases and doctor’s visits.

So why don’t you?

Time. Convenience. Energy. Opportunity. Money. Gyms are gross.

The excuses are endless. Your life isn’t. There will always be excuses, so don’t lie to yourself and say that you’ll work out when all the excuses are gone. That in itself is, of course, just another excuse.

Instead, eliminate the excuses you can eliminate. Choose a gym that makes you want to spend time there. Choose one that makes you feel good. Choose one with a good mix of equipment and amenities. Choose one with classes that interest you. Choose one with welcoming people and good lighting and nice locker rooms. Choose one that doesn’t make you feel dirty. If working out around loud obnoxious people or lots of small children makes you want to hide under your covers, choose some place different. If you’re someone who needs a cup of coffee after your workout, choose a gym where that’s an option.

If you actually enjoy spending time in the space, you’re more likely to go. Can you imagine looking forward to the gym? It’s a life changer.

Need another reason to commit to regular exercise? A recent study found that adults facing cardiovascular disease (which is a huge percentage of us) who also exercised regularly spent $2,500 less on healthcare each year than their counterparts who did not exercise. That could pay for a really good gym membership, and then some.

Today’s the day.

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